SDC - 24.1.08

Venue:    Babworth Hall Estate, Retford, Notts

Judges:   Mr Derek Capel (A Panel) and Mrs Roz Bellamy


An 'A' certificate was awarded to


Mr and Mrs Richard Rosser's Mahinda Spud Muffin  D  28.6.06

(Rondix Woodcock at Hawksthorn x Mata Hari Moonbeam)

H:  Hilary Rosser  O/B


A 'B' certificate was awarded to


Mr Paul Drewery and Ms Helen Fox's Blacktoft Ever Blazin  D  27.12.05

(Steelriver Trade Winds x Blacktoft Jazz After Dark)

H:  Helen Fox   O/B

SDC - 4.1.08

Venue:   Combe Davey, Taunton, Somerset

Judges:  Dr. T. Woodgate-Jones (A panel) and Mr. M. White


'A' Certificates were awarded to:


Mr and Mrs Richard Rosser's Mahinda Chamomile  B  18.5.05

(Camp Night Sky of Twill x Tegwyn Red Spirit)

H:  Hilary Rosser   O/B: Mr and Mrs Richard Rosser


Lisa Harris' Hawksthorn Damson  B  23.4.05 

(Camp Night Sky of Twill x Hawksthorn Damselfly)



'B' Certificates were awarded to:


Lynette Irwin's Bumblyn Morannon  B  28.4.03

(Flood of Laughter x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly)



Peter Malski's Brillen Dartmoor Dancer  B  22.7.05

(Wispavale Cedar x Brillen Mystic Maid)

H/O   B: Mrs Brenda Best


Gay Kennedy's Bumblyn Frea  B  6.3.04

(Casblaidd Game Rights x Bumblyn Mrs Willy Nilly)

H/B:  Lynette Irwin  


SDC - 20.12.07

Venue:  New Farm, South Warnborough, Hants

Judges:  Mr Keith Broomfield (B Panel) and Mrs Francesca Prentice


An A Certificate was awarded to: 


Rob Willatts' Gowran Indigo Extra D 23.7.05

(Little Red Rooster of Varingo x Gowran Tres Cher)



This is subject to the statutory water test which was not possible to do yesterday and will be arranged later on in the year.  This has now been successfully completed.


Open Qualifying Stake - 30.11.07

145th Field Trial Meeting

Venue:   Combe Davey, Brompton Ralph, Somerset

Judges:  Mr G. West, Mrs J. Hendry, Mr K. Sanderock and Mr D. Stephens


1st       Steve Ashby's Trioaks Macey from Tunnelwood  B  15.6.03

            (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks)

            H/O  B. Mrs J. Seall


COM    Ron Lane's Hullabaloo Scotch Mist  B  6.6.02

            (Varingo Richboy x Tinpin Oyster's Delight at Hullabaloo

            H/O  B: Mrs F. Joint


           Fred Newton's Croftgun Imperial  D  30.12.03

           (The Great Pretender at Torwood x Walnutfarm Kyrena)

           H/O  B: Mr and Mrs Clarkson


           Hilary Rosser's Tegwyn Red Spirit  B  3.4.02

           (Roseberri Rustle x Lignight Legend)

           H: Hilary Rosser  O: Mr and Mrs Rosser  B: Miss Anderson


Guns' Choice was

           Hilary Rosser's Mata Hari Moonbeam  B  15.3.01

           (Greatwood Moonraker of Riversflight x Casuarina Mata Hara of Trioaks)

           H: Hilary Rosser  O/B: Mr and Mrs Rosser




Novice Stake - 28.11.07

144th Field Trial Meeting

Venue:   Large Farm, Eagle, Lincs

Judges:  Mr. P. Wagland, Mr. S. Crookes, Mrs. A. Crookes and Mr. D. Bellamy


1st      Lisa Harris' Rondix Woodcock at Hawksthorn  D  14.4.04

           (Tarncourt Gorse x Rondix Mole)

           H/O   B: Hon Mrs. R. Dixon


COM   Sheila Neary's Warresmere Heath Rustic of Collarm  D  6.2.03

           (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Polka Popsy)

           H/O   B: Dr. T. Woodgate-Jones


Guns' Choice was

           Diane Heywood's Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood  B  15.6.03

           (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks)

           H/O   B: Mrs. J. Seall




AV Field Trial Awards 2007 - 2008

Very many congratulations to Louisianne Noteborn-Schmit for making up Aughnaleck Dutch D'Votion, formerly Aughnaleck Bonnie, B  9.6.02  (by Dusky Dash of Shadowbrae out of Burrenreagh Sue of Aughnaleck) to a French FT Champion.

Yorkshire Field Trial Society 16 dog AV All Aged Stake on 13.10.07

Venue:  Jervaulx Abbey, North Yorks by kind permission of the Marquis of Downshire

Judges: Messrs G. Cox, P. Bates and T. Flynn

COM      Fred Newton's Croftgun Imperial  D  30.12.03

              (The Great Pretender at Torwood x Walnuts Farm Kyrena)

              H/O   Breeder: Mr and Mrs Clarkson


Midlands Area GWT - 1.9.07

Venue:  Wishaw Country Sports, Grounds Farm, Wishaw

Judges: Gill Smith, Peter Forster, John Taberer, Derek Churchard

Wessex Area GWT (2) - 22.7.07

Venue:    Duddle Farm, Bockhampton, Dorcester, Dorset

Judges:   Robert Atkinson (A5), Davd Showell, Peter Leyden and Rob Willatts

               (Rob Willatts judged the ND/NH and Brace only as he was running in the Open)


The Nationals - 15.7.07

Venue:  The Bentley Estate, Upper Bentley, Worcs

Judges: Ken Butler (B1842), Chris Gwilliam, Steve Richardson, Mrs Sally Richardson


On behalf of the FT Sub and myself, I would like to congratulate the award winners. 


Despite the rain and having to move the venue at the eleventh hour (literally!), I hope you all enjoyed the day and thank you for bearing with us whilst we re-scheduled everything this morning; the sporting atmosphere, which was present all day, is a testimony to the breed and its owners.  I would also like to thank the Stewards and Dummy Throwers - you all did a sterling job and we could not have managed without you.  A special thanks to Paul Egginton, who, as Steward of the Beat, shouldered the venue change superbly and set very good, challenging tests which reflected a typical shooting day.



Agility - 2007



Easington Open Agility Show - 15.9.07


Karen Outten's Doonegate Galadriel Jess AW(B) 

9th Graded 4-5 Jumping


Portland Open Agility Show - 2.9.07


Karen Outten's Doonegate Movie Star AW(B)

4th Graded 4-5 Agility

Izzy has now been awarded her Agility Warrant - Silver 




West Lakes Open Agility Show - 18/19.8.07


Karen Outten's Doonegate Movie Star AW(B)

2nd - Graded 5 to 7 Agility 

7th Graded 5-7 Agility

10th Graded 5-7 Jumping 


Scunthorpe Open Agility Show - 4/5.8.07


Karen Outten's Tiggersville Captain Hook

21st Combined 1 to 3 Jumping


Karen Outten's Doonegate Movie Star AW(B)

14th Graded 4-5 Agility

20th Combined 3-5 Agility




Tuffley Open Agility Show - 7.7.07


Karen Outten's Tiggersville Captain Hook  - Grade 3

11th Combined Grades 1 - 4 Jumping


Weardale Open Agility Show - 21.7.07 


Karen Outten's Doonegate Movie Star AW B- Grade 5

14th Combined Grades 1 - 5 Agility (150 entries)

8th Grade 5 Agility (100 entries)




Barrow Open Agility Show - 30.6.07 - 1.7.07


Karen Outten's Izzy - Doonegate Movie Star AW B)
30.6.07  Grade 5 Jumping - 14th (99 entries)
30.6.07  Combined Grades 4-5 Agility - 13th (140 entries)
1.7.07    Combined Grades  4-5 Agility - 7th (133 entries)

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