West Harting Down, South Harting, West Sussex

Sunday, 10th May, 2009

kindly hosted by the Wessex Area on behalf of the FT Sub


Judges:  Mr J Birkett (A10), Mr P Castleman (B1846), Mr R Wort and Mrs E Barnes




        Steve Ashby's Open bitch Trioaks Macey from Tunnelwood  15.6.03

        (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks)

        H/O  B: Mrs J Seall

        Charlotte Wear's Novice bitch Dark Devotion Firefly Fantasy  4.6.04

        (Atherbram George x Dark Devotion April's Water Bubbles)

        H/O  B: Mrs L Noteborn-Schmidt

        Anna Yates' Novice bitch Cleirwy Pebble  11.6.05

        (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Morwena Bringer of Dreams for Cleirwy)


        Sue Weeden's ND/NH bitch Rushypond Heron  16.6.05

        (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Treetawn Moorlands)

        H/O  B: Mrs U Pomeroy



         Diane Heywood's Open bitch Trioaks Mouse at Houndswood  15.6.03

         (Tunnelwood Flamboyant x Aughnaleck Katy of Trioaks)

         H/O  B: Mrs J Seall

         Louise Simmonds' Novice dog Warpersmoss Viceroy  11.2.05

         (Camp Night Sky of Twill x Gaewill Cascade of Warpersmoss)

         H/O  B: Mrs P Robertson

         Jane Broadbent's Novice bitch Rehyrb Nesna  7.2.07

         (Lewcombe Cedar of Cannimore x Rehyrb Kumble)

         H/O  B: Mrs J Alexander

         Jane Gould's ND/NH bitch Warresmere Irish Mist  22.7.06

         (Keveral Elven of Warresmere x Polka Popsy)

         H/O  B: Dr T Woodgate-Jones


3rd:  NEFRA

         Caroline Hewison's Open bitch Harvest Moon of Casblaidd  13.3.04

         (Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman x Chewey's Chocolate Chip)

         H/O  B: Mr C Long

         Julie Matthews' Novice bitch Astravia Saffrons Spirit at Ollersett  19.1.05

         (Shiredale Lord of the Rings x Eskmill Non Pareil)

         H: Garry Ellison  B: Miss J Cross

         Jo Hewison's Novice bitch Casblaidd Hazy Daisy  14.1.05

         (Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman x Casblaidd Foggy Dew)

         H: Richard Hewison  O/B

         Chris Hewison's Special Puppy bitch Casblaidd Little Linnett  27.5.07

         (Trioaks Fletcher x Milsteadx Red Squaw of Casblaidd)

         H/O  B: Mrs J Hewison


Best Open Dog:  Steve Ashby's Trioaks Macey from Tunnelwood (SW)

Best Novice Dog:  Anna Yates' Cleirwy Pebble (SW)

Best ND/NH or Special Puppy: 

Francesca Prentice's Special Puppy Dog Idawood Ideal 4.6.07 (Cotswold)

(Hawksthorn Dash x Rondix Waterhen of Idawood)


Dog with the Highest Mark Overall:  Anna Yates' Cleirwy Pebble (SW)

Judges' Choice Overall:  Jane Gould's Warresmere Irish Mist (Central)



(Open, Novice, Novice and ND/NH or Special Puppy 12 - 24 months old) 


Central  (Team Organiser and Captain - Diane Heywood)

Diane Heywood, Louise Simmonds, Jane Broadbent and Jane Gould (ND/NH)


Cotswold  (Team Organsier and Captain - Francesca Prentice)

Hilary Rosser, Phil Bruton, Jan Winton-Fitt and Francesca Prentice (Special Puppy)


Eastern Counties(Team Organiser and Captain - Fiona Joint)

Fiona Joint, Ron Lane, Penny Easy and Pete Maguire (ND/NH)


Midlands (Team Organiser and Captain - David Showell)

Pat Bell, David Showell, Howard Smith and Graham Clelland (Special Puppy)


NEFRA (Team Organiser and Captain - Chris Hewison)

Caroline Hewison, Gary Ellison, Richard Hewison and Chris Hewison (Special Puppy)


South West (Team Organiser - Sheila Neary)

Steve Ashby (Team Captain), Charlotte Wear, Anna Yates and Sue Weedon (ND/NH)


Wessex (Team Organiser - Chris Duffey)

Rob Willatts (Team Captain), Peter Munt, Jo Hewison and Jane Edge (ND/NH)


Unfortunately the Southern Area Team had to pull out due to injuries and bitches coming into season.