FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate Assessments

Congratulations to those who passed their FCRS Shooting Dog Certificate assessments on 19th October 2019 at the Fretwell Shoot, Beckingham courtesy of Paul and Helen Fox.

Our judges were Phil Wagland, Anne Crookes and 2nd Assessor Roz Bellamy.

In the awards were:

Portledge Belle Amy of Wolfthistle handled by Andy Sweeney "A" Certificate

Gemswin Disco Inferno handled by Gemma Jacobs "B" Certificate

Donascimento Danilo From Casblaidd handled by Caroline Hewison "A" Certificate

Mahinda Pompoko and Mahinda Fester handled by Hilary Rosser "A" Certificates

Hopevalley Morning Arizona handled by David Savory "A" Certificate.

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