Dual Event Weekend - Update

Date: 25th/26th May 2019

Click here for the flyer about the event.

Just a reminder about the FCRS Dual Team Event, please think of getting a team together or if this is not for you still come and help which can be a learning curve as well as fun ( food provided for helpers )and/ or take part in the Beginner Gundog training or show handling training or watch the trimming demo.

Still not for you then come and watch and have a barbecue because one thing we all have in common is we all love our flatcoats.
Flatcoats love to work it warms the heart to see them using their brain and enjoying themselves.
A friendly event with many of the FCRS Officers and Committee helping or taking part so come and say hello!
Thanks to all those who have said you are entering or coming along, please spread the word and encourage others as it is a lovely venue and you never know the landowner may change her mind in saying it is a one off if everyone comes together and enjoys the event with their dogs as it used to be like. 😀
Novice Dog/NoviceHandlers and Puppies have the option to stay on the lead and as it is not an official KC Event a dog who for instance runs in would get a few points(maximum 5) for an otherwise good retrieve and the judges are happy to talk to you and help with advice.
Teams will be given their points in the working section by the judges if requested and Team rosettes will be given for work, show match and overall dual team as well as individual class winners in the work and show event and overall individual winner in the Dual event.
Likewise balancing the concession we have made for the working event every dog will score some points in the show match section and the first round in each class will be drawn for fairness.



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