The Flatcoated Retriever Society is keen to encourage and promote young people's interest in the breed. For further information, please contact Lauren Broome, the Junior Members' Co-ordinator, via the link on the Contacts Page.

There are many different activities that Juniors can partake in including showing and junior handling, obedience, agility, flyball, gundog working tests and heelwork to music.

For more information about becoming a Junior Member of the Flatcoated Retriever Society please contact the Membership Secretary, Brian Broadbent, more information can be found on the membership page 

The Kennel Club also run the Young Kennel Club (YKC) to encourage and promote young people's interests in dogs. For YKC details follow this link: 




FCRS Champ Show 22.08.2021 - Junior Handling Winners

Junior Handling Winners

Winner of Junior Handling 12-16 years - Robert Beevers with Brownie

& Winner of Junior Handling 6-11 years Molly Davis with Georgie,

handling kindly judged by Roz Bellamy.

Junior Handlers - Crufts 2019

Junior handlers had a great day at Crufts yesterday (8/3/19) .  Meaylee Lewis came 2nd in the 12-17 yrs YKC handling a Flatcoat, results for dog name not on system and Melissa Osborne-Brown came 5th in the 18-25 yrs YKC handling Dance (Cassiopi Just Dance for Perrymel).

Congratulations and well done to them both.

JHA Of The Year Final London 2018

The following photos are of Jessica Smith who recently came runner-up in the finals of the prestigious JHA (Junior Handling Association)  of the Year 2018 in London (held in conjunction with Discover Dogs)!  Congratulations Jessica from us all.

Jess Philly JHA 18


Jess Philly JHA 2018 resize

Junior Handling FCRS Open Show 10th June 2017

Results of Junior Handling at the Open Show 10th June 2017 - Judge Mrs A. Youens

Class 32 : 6-11 Years  - 1st Molly Davis
Class 33  12-16 Years - 1st Bryony Fossett,  2nd Freya Taylor-Ellis

Well done to all the Juniors who took part.

Photo of Class 32 6-11 Years Winner  Molly Davis (below) 
(Photos by Sarah Egginton)

Junior Handling Judges Report: 

Flatcoated  Retriever  Open  Show......Kennel Club Building Stoneleigh June 10th 2017

        6-11 yrs......   1st.  Molly Davis   This young lady is certainly going to be a star of the future. I would say she has had a lot of tutoring but I think she is such a natural with dogs that she would only need advice on the finer points.  She took a dog into the ring that she had never met before, instantly had the confidence to give her F/C instructions. She performed a perfect triangle; all the time at one with her “charge”. Coming back to myself she totally considered the dog and moved her gently to stand four square. At just 6 years old, she would put some adults to shame in her consideration for the dog!

12-16 yrs...... 1st Bryony Fossett.  Bryony had the confidence needed to carry out her instructions from me to the letter. She was in total charge of her dog and had her “charge’s” attention at all times. She carried out a perfect triangle demonstrating the pace and movement of her dog to its best. When I moved around her dog she was completely aware of where I was. Surely she will go far if she pursues her Junior Handling at a higher level. 

               2nd Freya Taylor-Ellis,  Freya was close up in competence to Bryony, again she was at one with her dog. She did well to show off her dog to its best, they are not the easiest to show and still maintain the F/C character.  If Freya wished to continue with Junior Handling she has a natural ability and just needs to “fine tune” the more intricate details of showing.

Many congratulations to all these young ladies, total consideration to the dogs, a most important asset.



Ann Youens   (Judge)



Photo below of Class 33: 12-16 Year Olds 1st Bryony Fossett and 2nd Freya Taylor Ellis


Junior Handling Report for 41st Breed Championship Show 2/4/17


Junior Handling Classes

The Society has always encouraged and offered tuition to the junior members who wish to progress in our hobby. Our breed is not always the easiest in the show ring and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to get the best out of your charge, particularly if you are handling a young dog. The handling, precision and sportsmanship of some of the youngsters today was very impressive and bodes well for the future. For those handling for the first time please persevere and you will see the results. Well done to you all.

6 – 11 Years 3 (1). 1. Emma Wyatt aged 10, handling a young dog and I believe her first attempt in the show ring. She listened to instructions and carried them out to the best of her ability whilst remaining calm with her charge who was at times wanting to go her own way. Her positioning on the move was good and she ensured that she did not get between the judge and the dog. 2. Ben Colson aged 9, handled well and followed instructions but managed to get between the judge and his dog on the triangle.

12 – 16 Years 3 (0). This was a very difficult class to split the first two handlers who both put on first class handling skills throughout their time in the ring. I am sure they do and will change places with each other on different occasions. Well done to you both. 1. Georgina Mellor aged 15, did not put a foot wrong, presented herself and her charge to perfection by always being in the right place at the right time. The bond between her and her charge was obvious and the final decision was made right at the end when she just managed to get the dogs attention at a critical time. 2. Meaylee Lewis aged 14, all the same remarks apply and I am sure that on another day she could have taken the winners spot. Expertly handled throughout the class whilst being sympathetic to her charge and showing such good sportsmanship when I had to make a decision. 3. Thomas Wyatt aged 12, handling a young dog for the first time. Did not get flustered and I am sure has the makings of becoming a good handler.


Brian Izzard (Judge)

Juniors Report Open Show 4th June 2016

At the Open show on Saturday at Stoneleigh Andy and I put on some junior handling training.  We had 2 juniors turn up and we had fun training with and without dogs.

After a training session Sarah Egginton was asked to judge them on what they had learned that morning.  Both children did very well with their dogs and after consideration and a very close decision Sarah gave 1st to Lee with Tor and 2nd to Abbey with Dudley, both receiving a goody bag and Special Rosette.

I will put a more thorough report in the newsletter and look forward to receiving news from the juniors over the summer.

Please get articles and results to me by the 10th August 2016, to be included in the Autumn newsletter. 

Good luck everyone for the summer.

Many thanks

Helen Osborne-Brown
Junior Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01892 610188

Junior Handling: 40th Ruby Anniversary Breed Championship Show: Sunday 3rd April 2016

Breed show 12


1st Meaylee Lewis and 2nd Abby Bellamy : Judge Miss Melissa Osborne-Brown Clas for 12-16 year olds


Breed show 11


1st Robert Beevers age 10 in Class 6-11 year olds



6- 11 years     1st Robert Beevers handling Bramatha Brownie (Brownie)         

                         2nd Abbie Looker handling Telurn Better be Good (Dudley)

                         3rd Ben Colson handling Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy to Windyhollows (Daisy)

                        4th Maisie Ballard-West handling Ch Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm (Douglas)

12-16 years   1st Meaylee Lewis handling Draketor Sea Gypsy among Fairwinds (Gypsy)

                        2nd Abby Bellamy handling Bochilbarley Izzy's Moon at Moontorn (Jess)


Click here for the Judges Report

Crufts: International Junior Handling

Anabel Leedu from Estonia handling Kelly Hollands "Douglas" came 3rd out of 45 in the International Junior Handling (the only one handling a Flatcoated Retriever and freestanding dog). Well done Anabel.

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