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Cancer Research

The Flatcoated Retriever Tumour Survey, 25 years on

An article by Dr Jane Dobson, Tess Hoather and Fernando Constantino-Casas from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Uni- versity of Cambridge summarising their breed specific work has been published in the Veterinary Times (volume 46 No 27 p14- 18).

Please follow the links to view the article and the figures referenced within the text (in a separate document).

Veterinary Times Article

Figures & Figure Legends


Cancer Research Reports

Tumour Survey Report (2015)

Jane Dobson's Cancer Research Report 2016

Jane Dobson's Cancer Research Report 2017

Jane Dobson's Cancer Research Report 2018

Jane Dobson's Cancer Research Report 2019

Jane Dobson's Cancer Research Report 2020

Flatcoated Retriever Histiocytic Sarcoma Research project

This project (formerly a joint project between researchers at the Animal Health Trust and Cambridge University) will be based at Cambridge University since the liquidation of the AHT in July 2020. Details of the project aims can be found in the following link:


Animal Health Trust Flatcoated retriever Histiocytic Sarcoma research project



DNA Research

AHT Glaucoma Research

Click here for the 2018 project report

Click here for the 2017 project report

Click here for the 2016 project report

Click here for the 2015 project report

Click here for the link to the 2016 publication


Click here for the Goniodysgenesis Publication 2013


DNA Banking at AHT

Temporarily halted until Cathryn Mellersh and her team at the Genetics Research centre are ready to receive samples once again at Cambridge University. We have received confirmation that all samples previously banked at the AHT will be preserved for future use. 



The Animal Health Trust (AHT)/Kennel Club (KC) Give a Dog a Genome Project

The AHT and the KC genetics centre have recently launched a research project called ‘Give a Dog a Genome’ (GDG) the aim is to sequence the entire genome (2.4 billion letters of DNA) of 50 dog breeds. The resulting information will increase the ability to identify mutations which cause inherited diseases.

It costs approximately £2000 to sequence a genome however the 50 breed clubs who agree to join the project will be asked to contribute £1000 as the GDG work will be part funded by the KC Charitable trust. The Flatcoated Retriever Society’s General Committee has agreed to support the participation of our breed in this initiative by making a donation to the research project.

Further information about the project can be viewed at


Give a Dog a Genome Project

October 2017 update


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