National Open Photographs

gill Awty
Gill Awty and Rainbow Queen of Maddistream
Open Winners and Judges


Edenbridge Photographs

The day involved six F/C,Labs,Goldens and spaniels

one of each in 6 teams,the Flatcoats had 3 Dogs in the top 5

Rob Willatts was top dog until the last Lab went and just beat him. 

Edenbridge Team
The Flatcoat Team
Laura Gwillam,Rob Willatts,Sarah Turley

                   Lyn Masteroni,Andy Snow and Pat Dingemans

Edenbridge dogs
The stars of the day

Inter Area Final 2011

Team Photographs

Winning Team from the SW Area with the Judges and Brian Twigger
Mo Sweet, Charlotte Wear (Captain), Richard McHowat and Helen Ford

Runners Up from the Wessex Area
Keith Manley, Rob Willatt (Captain), Peter Leyden and Stephen Williams

Cotswold Team (3rd)
Phil Bruton, Christine Robertson, Nicki Wellfair and Liz Widdows

NEFRA team (4th)
Keith Aldred, Caroline Hewison, Chris Hewison (Captain) and Gary Ellison

Judges and Brian Twigger

Chris Player's winning Novice Dog

Lyn Masteroni and Puppy Winner

Central Area Working Test Photographs

Novice Winners
Novice Winners and Judges

Mr Tony Brazier, Mr John Keegan and Mrs Sue Berman

Puppy Winners

Puppy Winner
Lynne Mastroianni and

Tygwyn Tawnt Porthos

Southern Area Working Test Photographs

southern open winners2011
Open Test Winners and Judges
  Open Winners and Judges Mr Graham Stanley

                    and Mrs Irene Neeve

Rob Willatt
Open Winner
  Robert Willatts and Gowran Indigo Extra

nov winners
Novice Winners and Judges

nov winner 2011
Novice Winner
Helen Smith and Ripplethorpe Tolley at Bengholka

puppy winners
Puppy Winners

pup winner
Puppy Winner
Frann Robb and Bencholka Black Pepper at Meldorfer

nd/nh winners
Novice Dog Novice Handler Winners

nd?nh winner
Novice Dog Novice Handler Winner
Jackie Thomas and Tygwyn Ulmus Glabra

More Photographs can be seen at

Wessex Working Test Photographs

wessex winners2011
Wessex Test Winners(please see results for names)

Midlands Working Test Photographs

Special Puppy
Special Puppy Winners
Robb's Bencholka Black Pepper at Meldorfor

                  Yates Mendip Willow of Clairwy

                 Hewisons Pepsmark Jet Stream at Casblaidd

special veteran
Special Veteran Winners
  Wood's Cumberwood Cracka (11 yrs)

                   Rees Eskwinds Beyond the Moon (9yrs)

South West Working Test Photographs

Runoff for 4th and CoM in Open,(Anna Yates and Steve Ashby)

Jacqueline Hitchen (Keveral Flyakyte of Warrenscope)2nd in AV ND/NH

Stephen Williams (Benchollka Black Lady Kara) 2nd in Puppy

Anne Sparks (Lenyam Martin of Churchwood) 2nd and top Novice Dog

Pete Leydon(gowranFlavia and Gowran Willow Charcoal) 2nd in Novice and Open

Steve Ashby (Trioaks Macey from Tunnelwood and Houndswood Cedar of Tunnelwood)!st and Com in Open

Richard McHowat (Retradax Oberson) Presented with his SDC

Caroline Hewison (Harvest Moon of Casblaidd and Maddistream Indiugo Jack) 3rd in Open and also presented with her SDC

Nicki Welfair (Trephilip River Alchemist) 1st in Puppy

Graham Lambert (Wizardwood Storm River via Cheseridge) 1st in AV ND/NH


Eastern Counties Working Test Photographs

eastern counties novice
Novice winners

Lynne Mastroianni
Novice Winner
   Lynne Mastroianni and Tygwyn Tawny Porthos

Puppy Winner,J.
  J. Vassbotn and Almanze Bag Lady

Puppy (under 18 months)
Puppy winner (under 18 months)
  Stephen Williams and Bencholka Black Lady Kara

bonnett trophy
Most promising Novice not in the awards
  Sylvia Billinghurst andTygwyn Hippocastanum

SDC in Kent Jan 11

SDC Kent
Handlers and assessors
Sarah Turley,Pat Dingimans and Andy Snow with Judges Mr Graham Stanley and Mr Martin Bagg

Novice Field Trial Oct 10

Sarah Turley
Trial Winner Sarah Turley and Casblaidd Kaimi

Keith Manly
Keith Manly with Guns Choice, Lenyam Mystery

The Nationals 2010

The Nationals Winners 2010
 The Nationals Novice Winners 2010
The Judges for The Nationals 2010


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