General Committee - 2018


Mrs Shirley Johnson



 Mr Brian Izzard


Hon Vice Presidents: Mrs A. Brook, Mrs C. Dugdale,  Miss G Knight,  Miss J Rolfe and Dr T Woodgate-Jones, Mr B. Izzard


Chairman:  Mr P Goodman (Website Administrator)

Vice Chairman: Mrs J Jones  (Website)

Hon Secretary: Mrs J Bird (and Litter Book Co-Ordinator)

Hon Treasurer: Mrs Heather Harley

Hon Show Secretary: Mrs V Goldberg (Stibbe-Willis)

Hon Field Trial Secretary: Mr D. Savory
Hon. Working Test Secretary: Mr  Graham Clelland

Rescue, Rehousing and Welfare: Mr. B. Jones

Mrs R Bellamy ( FT Sub, J & S Sub), Mr B Broadbent (Membership Secretary),  Mrs M. Romeo-Dieste, Mrs S Oxford (Area Rep Co-Ordinator), Mrs T. Gale (250 Club Co-Ordinator), Mrs K. Plumtree, Miss L. Branscombe (Health Chairman and Co-ordinator), Mr D. Savory, Miss S.  Egginton, Mrs C. Whitmore

Please see under Contacts or the Membership List for contact details


Committee Meeting Dates:

Next Meeting: 

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